248: My Top 10 Likeability Principles

Being liked by other people is an essential aspect to living a happy life. Your happiness is, in some ways, going to be directly proportional to the quality of your friend group, and so making sure that you know exactly how to make yourself more likeable is going to be essential to creating a good social circle.

On today’s episode I am going through my top 10 principles for being likeable. Most people have no idea how to improve in this area. They never think about it! Or maybe they think it is something that is built into who you are, but there are things you can tweak, while being 100% genuinely you, that will improve the likelihood that someone will like you when they meet you.

So learn how to become more likeable on this episode! Make careful not of the below 10 principles, and implement them consistently over time to see real results in your social circle, and, as a consequence, your happiness and quality of life.

The 10 Principles:

  1. Remember people’s names. When you do this, it will make a very good impression. People love the sound of their own name
  2. Take a genuine interest in the other person. Stop trying to impress people with your story, and try to learn their story
  3. Ask great questions. Develop the skill to ask great, not good, questions
  4. Find ways to help people
  5. Support people, by being their for people in difficult times, and encouraging them
  6. Complement the other person genuinely. Find something specific, and make sure it’s genuine
  7. Stop sitting around, waiting for people to invite you, and invite them to people!
  8. Express vulnerability. Don’t just talk about success, talk about your setbacks, failures, etc
  9. Be consistent. Don’t just do these for a short time, but consistently do it over time to see it work
  10. Ensure that your words and actions align. Do what you say you’re going to do. Always follow through


People Skills Reboot: Online Program by James Swanwick


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