219: James’ Nightly Routine for Daily Success

When it comes to having a productive day, the night before is absolutely essential! There are specific steps that you can take to ensure that the following day is going to be productive, and that you are going to get done what you need to do!

Today I’m walking you through my own personal nightly process to make sure that I wake up knowing exactly what needs to be done, and with the passion and commitment to follow it through! It really is a system, and on this episode I am giving you my system to make sure you have a successful day.

So listen up and take notes! Try implementing these tips before you go to bed tonight, and see what the following morning feels like! Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • Use Swannies for a couple hours before bed every night
  • Plan for tomorrow today
  • Find the ONE thing you MUST do tomorrow, the night before
  • Besides that, make a list
  • Keep quotes and other things that will keep you motivated next to your workspace
  • Prepare your gym bag the day before, if you plan to workout first thing in the morning, so that you have less barrier to actually working out





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