258: When Should You Pay for Coaching vs. Getting It For Free?

These days, it’s possible to find almost anything online. Not only that, if you’re a little tech-savvy, you can even find pirated versions of a lot of content, and effectively “cheat” your way into thousands of dollars worth of content! But the question is: Should you?

What I have learned through trying both ways is that financial investment is essential to get you to really take massive action on what you want to learn. If you don’t invest, and won’t have “skin in the game,” you will continue to procrastinate, and the education will be worth far, far less to you.

That’s why my phone says “pay to get rich.” It’s a bit counterintuitive, isn’t it? But it’s a fundamental truth, and once you learn it and start investing in yourself, you will see your results dramatically improve, and your learning and education will become so much more valuable.

Key Takeaways:

  • You will find that when you pay for coaching, you take it more seriously
  • Skin in the game is what you gain from purchasing coaching
  • Investing enough money to have skin in the game will help you to make the right decision down the road, when you are tempted to be distracted and not follow through
  • You can learn almost anything you need to for free, but WILL YOU?
  • The act of paying for something fuels productivity, clarity and focus



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