Episode 071: Why You Should Get a Coach, with Tony Stubblebine

Get a Coach Tony Stubblebine Coach.me coachingEpisode 71: Why You Should Get a Coach

There’s one thing the most successful people in the world have in common: they have hired coaches to become successful.

On today’s episode of The James Swanwick Show we’re talking with Tony Stubblebine about that very topic: coaching. Tony is the an entrepreneur, innovator and the founder of Coach.me.

I brought him on to discuss why you should get a coach, what kind of coach you should hire and how to find the right person for you. All of that and more on today’s show.

 More About Why You Should Get a Coach

Hiring a coach is important if you want to advance any area of your life, whether it’s your career, your business, your relationships or your health. If you’ve ever felt stuck in any of those areas a coach can help you break through what’s holding you back.

As the founder of Coach.me, Tony and his team have worked with 450 coaches in nearly 10,000 coaching situations! He’s learned a lot through those experiences.

The primary lesson he’s discovered is the importance of hiring the right coach for the right situation. You wouldn’t hire a productivity coach to help you with your romantic life right? So don’t hire a life coach who says they can help you with any subject; hire someone who specifically specializes in the area you want help in.

In this episode you’ll hear:
•    What is “flipping the script” and why does it matter?
•    How to know if you’ve found an exceptional or mediocre coach.
•    Does age matter when considering a coach?
•    Why Tony Robbins says he’s not a motivational speaker.
•    What’s the most powerful way to make a lasting change?
•    And so much more.

Tony and I also talk about a personal experience he had with coaching that made a profound impact on his life. His first coach was given to him by an investor in his start-up. It was Tony’s first time in a CEO role and his coach was pivotal in helping him make the leap.

During their first few sessions they just talked about Tony’s life and built rapport. But when a few people told Tony he was too soft to be a CEO, he feared they were right, self-doubt crept in and he decided to talk to his coach about it.

Working together they reframed Tony’s picture of himself and his role as CEO. They worked together to help Tony create his own brand of assertiveness and confidence.

And that’s one of the most powerful roles a coach plays: they reframe your perception and your thinking about a topic, an experience or a story you’ve been telling yourself.

So when you’re looking for a coach a key trait to note is if they facilitate your own insights by reframing and asking key questions – or do they simply offer advice?

A great coach will ask timely and important questions to help you generate your own insights and breakthroughs; they simply act as the facilitator and the sounding board for you.

On this episode we also discuss what Coach.me is and how it works, why accountability is so vital to creating lasting change and why results are the only thing that matters. Listen in, enjoy and we’ll see you next time on The James Swanwick Show.


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