316: Postcard from San Francisco

James joins us live again from the road. This time he’s recording from the San Francisco airport, and annoying the people around him just to bring us this episode.

Recently James has been doing a lot of traveling, and being recognized all along the way. He seems to be well known in the city of Austin, even being recognized while enjoying dinner with friends.

This episode James reflects on his travels, where is company will go, and looks forward to the future of the Swanny Sleep business.

Download this episode of the James Swanwick show to hear more about James’ adventures and see how it can equate to your life and where you want to be.

Key Points

  • James was recognized a lot more in Austin than in most place.
  • Austin is less spread out than LA, so it’s more likely he would be noticed.
  • Eating at healthier restaurants also increased the chances that he would be noticed by a fan.
  • Proximity is power.
  • Force yourself to be around the kind of people you want to be.
  • James was recently in San Diego visiting a friend, Jeremy.
  • James is considering carrying even more sleep products.
  • You can’t judge a book by it’s cover, James met someone in sandals and a hoodie that just sold a company for over $200 million.
  • When you’re around someone of importance you have to find a balance of being curious, but not looking too ignorant.
  • Facebook has a setting to see what friends are near you.
  • Are you a spontaneous person, or do you need to plan things out?
  • Always be aware of your surroundings, and be courteous to others nearby.
  • You can use credit cards for your business and get a lot more points and perks.
  • It can be a great experience to be a guest in someone’s home.
  • Some people need a home base, others have wanderlust and are more productive when they keep moving.
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