253: Sharing an Uber with James Swanwick and Brad Blanks

Today’s episode is a bit off the cuff. I’m sharing an Uber with my mate Brad Blanks, on the way to the airport. We’re both trying to switch our flights, but we manage to talk about some really interesting topics that I think you’ll enjoy and find useful.

We get into how I am able to travel the world through entrepreneurialism, why it’s extremely worth it to get coaches, educate yourself, and put effort and money into building the you of the future, and how sometime it can be clarifying to focus on what you don’t want, to better understand exactly what you do want. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways:

  • 90% of success is just showing up
  • Entrepreneurialism can give you the opportunity to travel the world without worrying about stopping the flow of money
  • Get coaches, put effort and money into learning, because it pays off down the road
  • Focus on what you do not want first, to clarify what you do want
  • Never rest on your success, always be looking for what the next thing is


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