132: Should We Take a Year Off? Karan Bajaj

“When you tie your life to one dimension which you’re working and making money in, you’re not fully understanding who you are and what you’re capable of.” – Karan Bajaj

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Most Americans don’t even consider the idea that taking extended periods of time off of work is an option. It’s almost like it would be looked down upon by others. As if you’re not doing your civic duty by living such a luxurious life of pleasure. Where is your work ethic? How can you reasonably expect to get anything done?

Karan Rajaj is here to tell you why the idea of taking 1 out of every 3 years off makes so much sense, gives you time to recoup and reenergize, and actually makes you more productive! Having the constant knowledge in the back of your mind that your break is coming, that your time for recuperation is right around the corner, actually gives you more energy and focus to do the work you need to do!

So the concept is that in every 4 years, you should spend 3 years working, and 1 year traveling the world, specifically not working on your regular job, but putting time and effort into things that are not for the express purpose of making you money. They year off, this time of creativity and putting time and effort into your passions, also often brings the biggest breakthroughs in your life that will end up making you money.

So open up your mind to a schedule that you might not have thought possible! What if this schedule allows you to get more done than you ever could before? What if you creativity, and your career, would soar through this pacing? Learn more about what this concept is all about and how it could help you accomplish your goals in life on this episode of the James Swanwick Show.

Notes on the Show:


  • Taking time off is something that most americans don’t even consider. People think it could be looked down upon
  • Often, when you take an extended period away, you find yourself far more effective and efficient when you come back to your work
  • 3-1-3 model: 3: Working very hard, accumulating wealth very purposeful during that time. 1: year off, spending money. 3: Back to work
  • You will often see a correlation between time off, a sabbatical, and momentous change happening in your life. You just will not know what the change is
  • Often times, your best creativity will come when you are not doing something to make money, but simply doing it because you love it. The need to make money with your work can stifle the creativity of it
  • There are almost unlimited ways that you can choose to live your life. The question is: What will make you personally most happy?
  • There is a societal pressure of social norms that discourages taking large amounts of time off, regardless of how healthy and even productive it is
  • Start building the muscle of taking larger breaks (10 days), really taking full breaks from your work, where you’re so absorbed in what you’re doing (meditation, climbing mountains), that you start to forget the rest of your life
  • The act of creation is powerful for opening up new things in your life and your personality
  • Defining the period of time when you will be completely invested in your work helps you focus and actually get much  more done during that time

“The growth that you have as a person during down time usually returns in a tangible, financial way, because you’ve grown as a person, and that has value in the world.” – Karan Bajaj

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