318: Thai Neave: What Death Taught Me About Life

There are only two guarantees in life: life and death. Everything in the middle is uncertain, yet we ignore this thing we all have to experience. Death is something we turn a blind eye to and people generally shy away from the topic.

Ultimately we should embrace it. We should be ready for it. Not just our own death, but the death of loved ones around us. Watching those we love pass on isn’t a pleasant experience, and it’s often a slow process we should be a part of.

On this episode of Thai Neave discusses the recent loss of his mother, who passed away from breast cancer recently. He tells his story of how he dropped everything in his life and shifted gears in order to help his mother during her final time of need.

Download this episode of the James Swanwick show to get an inside glimpse of what it’s like to take care of someone you love that is slowly dying.

Key Points

  • James’ friend Thai recently lost his mother to breast cancer.
  • Our culture shoves death aside.
  • Many people ignore their instincts because they are too busy.
  • Thai went back to Sydney and ended up losing two people very dear to him.
  • Stage four is the highest grading of cancer and has spread.
  • There’s no cure for stage 4, and no way to beat it.
  • Cancer is like a boa constrictor slowly consuming its prey.
  • People with cancer typically get lethargic and lose weight.
  • When people see someone with a shaved head, they define them as a cancer patient.
  • Cancer is ugly, but people’s spirits are where true beauty lies.
  • Taking care of someone is not putting your life on hold.
  • To give feels so good.
  • At the end of the day, how we feel is all that matters.
  • One way or another you’re going to have a story to tell.
  • Hope can be a prison, as you’re not facing the future.
  • We can always give more.
  • Being selfless is the greatest gift we can give ourselves.
  • You can do sets and reps with your intuition.
  • The entire world will always continue to move on.
  • It’s important to embrace your feelings when dealing with death.
  • The more fluid you are, the less suffering you will have.
  • Don’t give people words, give them actions.
  • True courage requires exposure, and exposure requires vulnerability.



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