273: It’s Time for a Change; Where Should I Move?

Is there a place where you have always dreamed of moving to, just haven't made the decision to do so yet? If so, why haven’t you moved there? What is holding you back from acting on these feelings?

Recently I have been tossing around the idea of moving to a new place. I have lived in LA for a while now, and am craving something new and exciting. I would love to live in a place where the entrepreneurial scene is flourishing. A place with a strong sense of community, preferably not a huge city. I want to move to a place where I can connect to the local community, make friends with the locals, and learn about the culture.

Do you live in a place that sounds like the above? Or have you visited a place that reminds you of this?On this episode of the James Swanwick show, James details his desire to move, and asks for suggestions on where to move to.

Key Points

  • Where is the one place that you've visited that made you want to go back and live there permanently one day?
  • I am wondering where is the best place to reside? Not the best place to visit but to live in?
  • I have lived all over the world, mainly in larger cities, including:
    • Backashmarsh, Australia
    • Brisbane Australia
    • London, England
    • Los Angeles, California
    • NYC, New York
    • Buenos Aires, Argentina
    • Magangue  & Bogata Colombia
    • Austin, Texas
  • Recently I have been exploring the idea of picking up everything and moving somewhere new.
  • People have suggested Boulder, CO, Nashville, TN, or the Pacific Northwest; while my mother wants me in Australia.
  • Where do you think I should move to?
  • I have a few minor requirements. I want to be around a positive entrepreneurial lifestyle promoting types of communities.
  • An environment that wasn’t too big, but wasn’t too small. I want a strong feeling of community, something I have not really experienced before. You can lose personal connections in a huge city.
  • If I was interested in a romantic relationship, then I would be interested in someone who had an independent location business, that way if I said I wanted to leave for Australia in five minutes, then she could. I am interested in someone who is health conscious, and holds strong family values.
  • I like LA because of the ability to jump on a plane, and get almost anywhere in a relatively easy fashion. I was not a huge fan of the cold weather in NYC, so warm weather is a bit more preferable.
  • Do the things I listed out remind you where you live? Or remind you of a place you have visited? Let me know, pitch it to me!


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