275: How to Perfect the Art of Health Hacking with TJ Anderson

Have you ever wanted to become your own health coach? Wondered how you can possibly hack your health by yourself? Do you constantly find yourself wanting to lose some weight, gain energy, and gain self-confidence? Did you know you can possibly reduce your chance of diabetes and cancer by integrating this? On this episode of the James Swanwick show, retired Miami model turned clinical health coach, TJ Anderson, talks about how he changed his life when he started focusing on his personal health more.

TJ Anderson joins James Swanwick to discuss his new book, “The Art of Health Hacking,” a self help book that teaches you how to both understand your health and become the healthiest version of yourself. TJ details his own personal health experience, and how he had to eliminate things like alcohol in order to become the best version of himself that he could be. During this episode he discusses a few small tips that will bring about giant changes in your life if implemented properly.

Key Takeaways:

  • James is joined by TJ Anderson, a retired Miami model turned clinical health coach turned healthcare entrepreneur. He is a self proclaimed self health hacker and author of the book “The Art of Health Hacking.”
  • Lowering your stress by maintaining routines, will allow you to start to understand your health at its core.
  • You need to get real with how you feel. Your emotions are real, and if you are not truly happy, there are steps you can take to change this.
  • As a young model in Miami, TJ had a strong relationship with alcohol, being surrounded by it constantly in the model scene.
  • When TJ returned back to Iowa after leaving Miami, he decided it was time to work on himself in a few different ways, including both physical health as well as mental health.
  • He learned that healing through biohacking and health optimization is so important for each person.
  • If you want to act like a high performer, then health hacking is for you. It is all about small things with giant benefits.
  • People need to learn to define health and what it means to them. Furthermore, how does their stress relate to this?
  • Once someone realizes that they need a new health regime in order to accomplish who they want to be, then it allows them to decide how to manage their stress.
  • One of the easiest health hacks is learning different breathing techniques. This is a good practice to use throughout the day.
  • Your whole physiology changes when you learn how to breathe properly, as well as your mindset transferring into your energy.
  • Learning how to manage our energy, and transfer it is crucial on a day-to-day basis.
  • Learning habits that will allow you to over power the reptilian part of your brain with the logical piece. Simples exercises like snapping your fingers, drinking a tall glass of water, walking around the block, will help overcome your desires.
  • Just changing your baseline state to feel a little more positive and compassionate towards yourself is important.
  • Do not be afraid to operate the way you want to, simply because other people do things differently.
  • How do we get out of negative self talk? Learning to have self compassion can lead to a healthier self esteem and more positivity in your life.  

Check out TJ’s book: The Art of Health Hacking

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