264: How to Transition Away From a Job You Hate

A huge amount of the world gets up every day, goes to work, and spends most of their day working at a job they don’t like, or even hate! If you think about this, this is a serious problem, and extremely sad. Most people will spend the majority of their lives at work, and if you hate your work, then you spend the majority of your life doing something you don’t like!

However, there is a growing trend and opportunity for people to transition out of the job they hate and into something they love! And the benefits of making this change are difficult to accurately put into words. They are tremendous! To move away from spending most of your life not happy at work, to spending that times fulfilled and doing something you love is a huge win!

But how do you do it? This is the tricky part, and it’s the part a lot of people mess up. You need to be aware of specific strategies for making the move, understand yourself well enough to know what strategy is best for you, and then execute. Learn how on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

Key Takeaways:

  • One way to force yourself to make a major change is to “burn the boats” so you have no recourse and have to make it work
  • Or, while you’re doing whatever you’re unhappy with, invest time and effort learning everything you possibly can about what you want to go into
  • You can be almost certain that a lot of people won’t understand your decision to pursue what you really want
  • Each step of the way will include both joy and frustration, and both are important aspects of the learning process
  • If you’re spending time watching TV, Netflix, etc, you’re wasting time that could be spend creating your dream life
  • It doesn’t matter what you SAY you’re going to do, it only matters what you actually do
  • If you say you’re going to do something, DO IT


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