202: How to Become More Interesting, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone, and Educate Yourself at the Same Time

“When you get into a new environment and culture, out of whatever comfort zone you have, it forces you to think differently.” – James Swanwick

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Lots of people would like to be the life of the party. But the truth is that, in order for that to happen, not only do you need to be outgoing and charismatic, you have to be interesting!

Don’t skip that most important step! Lots of people think they just need to be loud, but you need something to talk about! This is the reason that I so strongly recommend that everyone travel while they’re young! Simply making this decision does so much for you! You get out of your comfort zone, start to look at life from a different perspective, you can educate yourself at the same time through audiobooks and podcasts, and you become a more interesting person!

Travelling while you’re young kills lots of birds with one stone. Even if you’re not as young as you once were, you’re the youngest you’ll ever be, so travel if you can! If finances are an issue, go to a country where your currency will go further, but find a way to have these experiences! You will not regret it!

“The best time to travel is now if you possibly can.” – James Swanwick

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Key Takeaways:

  • Emphatically: YES! Travel while you’re young!
  • When you get into a new environment and culture, out of whatever comfort zone you have, it forces you to think differently
  • It will help you see things in your life from a different perspective
  • Use travel time to educate yourself at the same time, through audiobooks, podcasts, etc. You will have lots of opportunities for this during travelling
  • The best time to travel is now, if you possibly can
  • If finances are a difficulty, go to countries where your money will go further
  • Find ways to force yourself out of your comfort zone
  • Travelling simply makes you more interesting! The experiences give you more to talk about
  • Document your travels, through youtube, or whatever medium makes sense for you


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