239: What Is Your Particular Relationship with Alcohol and What Does It Mean?

Almost everyone can fit into one broad category of their relationship to alcohol, and this episode is about exploring what those different types of relationships mean for everyone, and what is ideal.

A lot of people are what is considered “social drinkers.” It doesn’t really seem like they have any big problem with alcohol, but it just happens to be a part of almost all of their social interactions. This was the kind of drinker I was.

In some ways this level can be the most sneaky, because it’s very difficult to realize that you have a problem, or that your life could be so much more without the alcohol. But it’s absolutely the case!

So enjoy this episode exploring the different types of relationships that people can have with alcohol, and then consider joining the January group of the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge!

Key Takeaways:

  • A lot of people are what are considered “social drinkers,” people who drink on a regular basis, it doesn’t feel like an addition, but it is in sneaky ways
  • Alcohol is simply not healthy, regardless of the amount
  • If you feel like you need a drink to relieve your stress, it doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic, but you should find other ways to accomplish the same thing
  • When you quit, and perhaps stay quit, you’ll realize that almost everything in your life improves
  • After you quit alcohol for 30 days, you can always go back if you want to. Most, however, would rather stay non-alcohol after they experience what it is like


“30 Day No Alcohol Challenge” by James Swanwick