236: What to Do When People Pressure You to Drink – Book Reading from 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge Book

Most people are pressured by other to drink alcohol. In fact, most people who would rather give up alcohol continue to drink it simply because everyone else is, and it’s scary to think about being made fun of or ostracized from a group because of your decision not to drink.

On today’s episode my Mom and I are reading from my new book, “The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge: Your Simple Guide To Easily Reduce Or Quit Alcohol.” We’re going through the topics of what to say when you feel pressured to drink, how to respond, and why no one actually cares whether you drink or not! And if they really, really do, why are you keeping them in your life?

We’re also discussing why most people think they want a drink to relieve stress, when in reality they just want to relieve the stress, which they could be doing without alcohol! I’m going through the list of the myriad of ways that you could be relieving stress without turning to alcohol, and why it’s such a better choice to do that instead of drink alcohol!

Enjoy this episode, and remember to sign up for the 30 Day No Alcohol Challenge to start 2017 off right, get your life in order, become more productive and turn into the person that you know you can be! Sign up here: 30DayNoAlcoholChallenge.com

Key Takeaways:

  • Nobody actually cares that you're not drinking. You’re overthinking it if you think that they do
  • Make jokes about not drinking, and show them that you don’t care. People can’t make fun of you if you have a light hearted attitude about it
  • Use excuses if you feel you must. There is no end of potential excuses you can use
  • Just repeat what your favorite non-alcoholic drink is
  • People think they want a drink to relieve the stress, but really they just want to be relieved of the stress, so try the following to relieve the stress without alcohol
    • Go for a walk
    • Do 60 seconds of star-jumps or burpees
    • Walk barefoot on the grass
    • Breath deeply and slowly
    • Drink lots of water
    • Be grateful, and write it down in a gratitude journal
    • Upgrade your sleep. Get some Swannies!
    • Get off the grid. Turn the phone off!
    • Give back to the world
    • Hydrate more
    • Become an inflammation-busting machine!
    • Anything else that helps you specifically not be stressed!



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“The 30-Day No Alcohol Challenge: Your Simple Guide To Easily Reduce Or Quit Alcohol” by James Swanwick

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