297: Casey Cease: How to Start Writing Your Book TODAY

Writing a book is a long-term goal for many people around the world. But it could be a lot closer to reality than you think! Today, I’m speaking with Casey Cease, founder of Lucid Publishing, about the process of outlining, drafting, writing, publishing, and promoting your book, so you can finally cross that off your bucket list!

But, like almost everything in life, just getting started is the most difficult part. Humans have innate friction to getting started, and probably a lot of that comes from the realization that when you actually get started, you will realize where you really stand. Before you start, you can fool yourself into thinking about your unlimited potential. But when you start actually working on something, it all the sudden becomes so much more real.

But this friction can be overcome, and as you start to work, the project will start to take shape, and that is one of the most incredible things to see happen! But then, you have to finish, publish (whether self-publish or with a publisher), and market! Today, we’re talking about every step of this journey, so that you can finally write the book that you know has been inside you for so long!

Key Points

  • Publishing a book could come much sooner than you think
  • Everyone works differently, what is important is that you understand and use the processes that you know will help you get it done
  • Test content online to see what connects with other people
  • Do work ahead of time, establish the roadmap for what you want to do, instead of figuring it out as you go
  • Think about who you’re writing for, and then write specifically to that audience
  • The number one challenge in writing a book is simply starting it
  • The best time to start anything is right now, and this goes for writing books too
  • Consider recording yourself speaking, if that’s how you work best, and record it, to start to get a really good idea of what you should be writing about
  • Traditional publishing is a very long process, so it is not for everyone
  • Books can also be a powerful lead magnet, if you want to use it for that
  • A book will validate you as an expert in your field
  • Being too concerned about ROI in the short-term of writing a book is usually a short-sighted concern
  • Know what you’re hoping to accomplish with a book before writing it
  • Consider using kickstarter for your book
  • Strategically ask other people for help
  • Consider giving away the first few chapters for free in exchange for an email, as an opt-in, on your website
  • Think about where your target audience spends its time, and go there to promote your book

The Step by Step Formula to Write a Book

  1. Start blogging yesterday (or today if that’s not possible)
  2. Get an outline of the content. Treat it like buckets of content
  3. Use the Free 25-Step Write Checklist available on: LucidBooks.net
  4. Once manuscript is done, work on editing
  5. Title, cover, refine, refine, refine!




Book: “From Tragedy to Truth” by Casey Cease