288: How To Change Your Life Through Powerful Friendships with Mike Zeller

Your network of friends and acquaintances hold the blueprint to your future, whether you recognize it or not. Who you hang around with influences you hugely, and will shape how successful you are. If those around you are not challenging you, holding you to high standards, being sources of inspiration and knowledge, then you should look at who you are surrounding yourself with.

Recently, on a trip to Nashville, James met up with entrepreneur, Mike Zeller, who started a variety of businesses, selling over one-hundred million dollars in product. Eli Wilhide, and Brandon Carter introduced us over email. Even this interaction demonstrates the importance in good relationships.

On this episode of the James Swanwick show, James and guest, Mike Zeller, delve into the importance of friendships, and share stories from personal experience on this. Mike points out some daily practices he keeps in order to be most productive and aware of his time.

Key Points

  • Mike Zeller loves to launch businesses that will make the world a better place.
  • Get close with people who also want to not only change the world, but make it better than before.
  • Spend time with people who make things happen, and be a person that makes things happen.
  • Mike argues that your life will be a reflection of the five people you are closest to. This includes healthwise, spiritually, mentally, athletically.
  • Learn how to shift all relationships into something incredible and compelling, even if they are in a rutt. You can do this by setting new expectations and standards in order to create movement within the relationship.
  • A self-directed life is empowering, you are in charge over your life, instead of feeling powerless.
  • Three important parts to your day: mastery, purpose, and autonomy.
    • Learn to be aware of these, and put an emphasis on each.
    • Create the destiny that you want.
  • It’s important to start your day off on the right foot, a simple 15 minutes of meditation, reading, etc.
  • We have to fight to retain direction and control of our lives.
  • Mike recommends to turn your phone on airplane mode in the mornings so that you can focus on yourself.
  • It is important to protect your decision making energy. If you are constantly being pushed and pulled by others, you will become depleted of this energy.


To learn more about Mike Zeller, check out his website by clicking here

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