211: How to Build Confidence in Yourself and Become a Leader with Yahya Bakkar

“The fastest shortcut to self-confidence is simply loving yourself.” – Yahya Bakkar

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We hear the term all the time the “natural born leader,” and when we think about this person, we assume they have massive amounts of self-confidence, charisma, and all other leadership characteristics. We revere these people as being born with something that simply sets them apart. But the truth is that self-confidence can be learned, practiced, and perfected, and Yayah is here to tell us how!

Yahya talks about the three steps towards building massive self-confidence, which are self awareness, self acceptance, and finally self love. These three ingredients, implemented and practiced in the right way, are the perfect trifecta to bring your confidence levels up, and help you be able to project that confidence to the world, to become more charismatic, and become a better leader.

This episode is an extremely practical one for anyone who wants to do great things with their life. Leadership is essential to doing amazing things, and self confidence is one of the most important steps towards becoming a great leader. So listen up and take notes on this episode of the James Swanwick Show!

“When you start to compare yourself to others, catch yourself doing it, and ask yourself what you have that you’re really proud of.” – Yahya Bakkar

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Key Takeaways:

  • Most people grow up seeking acceptance and affirmation from everyone, and many people’s biggest unconscious fear is rejection
  • Self awareness of who you are, your strengths and weaknesses and what is hurting you at the moment, you’ve made a big step toward confidence
  • Then, you have to learn self acceptance, understand what you can’t control and what you can, and be ok with it
  • Finally, you have to love yourself, because if you don’t love yourself you will self sabotage
  • Look in the mirror naked every morning, at all the things you might hate about yourself, and say “I love you”
  • Trying writing things on your bathroom mirror, adjectives that describe the good in you, to remind yourself throughout the day
  • The fastest shortcut to self-confidence is simply loving yourself
  • When you start to compare yourself to others, catch yourself doing it, and ask yourself what you have that you’re really proud of
  • The minute that you notice what you are feeling, bad feelings will start to diffuse, because they no longer own you
  • Be constantly aware of your body language, how it will be affecting those around you, and adjust it to show more confidence
  • When people see you smiling, they are automatically attractive to you



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