321: Alex Charfen: What Is Your Entrepreneurial Personality Type?

Our society puts pressures on us all the time. We are told that if we don’t have a wife and children by a certain age we aren’t normal. We are told if we suffer from depression we aren’t normal.

The truth is that the most influential people in history weren’t “normal”. In fact they went against the norm, and were outcasts of society. Today we celebrate theirs lives, accomplishments, and attributes to the world.

People like Galileo, Van Gogh, Isaac Newton. They all had a certain personality type that wasn’t what society wanted, but what the world needed.

On this episode of the James Swanwick Show we are joined by Alex Charfen, host of the Momentum Podcast and author of Entrepreneurial Personality Type. He explains what personality type is required to be a successful entrepreneur and what you need to do to get the momentum you need to finally fill fulfilled.

Download this episode of the James Swanwick show right now to learn if you’re really meant to be the entrepreneur you think you are, and if so how to take action.

Key Points

  • Caretakers feel like helping someone with changing a bed pan can be fulfilling.
  • Communicators like to have small talk.
    • Communicators will talk about anything.
  • Coordinators love rules, fine print, and regulations.
  • Evolutionary hunters create a new future reality and look for change.
  • Someone has shown up in the world with in a much worse circumstance than you and still managed to change the world.
  • Entrepreneurs live for momentum.
  • Trust that a net will appear when you step off the cliff.
  • ETPs become depressed when they are constrained.
  • When you are diagnosed with something, that’s a badge of honor.
  • Society pressures aren’t always right.
  • Anyone who changed the world didn’t give in to society’s pressures.


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