7 Ways to be a Beast in Bed

From the moment you’re born, society tells you what is, and is not, acceptable.

Especially when it comes to sex.


[A couple having intimate sex]

How would you like to break free from societal constraints?

To know how to be an absolute BEAST in bed?

Well, sex and relationship coach Jordan Gray, is about to show you.

Read the following article and listen to the podcast interview to learn:


[Jordan Gray, sex and relationship coach]

7 Ways to be a Beast in Bed

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And you can read THREE of Jordan’s tips here:

1. Stop watching porn.


Gray says, “Porn has become a way of life for a lot of individuals in the world.

“In a typical session a viewer might see upwards of 100 potential sexual partners. Every time you see a potential sexual partner, your hormones go crazy.

“Porn desensitizes the human mind. Normal human interaction becomes obsolete and uninteresting.”

What Jordan Gray says to do:

  • Go cold turkey
  • Limit your “potential sexual partners”
  • Use your imagination

2. Stop doing drugs.

This includes all addictive substances such as: coffee, significant amounts of sugar, alcohol, marijuana, cocaine, and heroine.


Gray says addictive substances lead to decreased levels of testosterone.

“It messes up your brain chemistry,” Gray says.

“It also can cause erectile dysfunction at younger ages.”

What to do:

  • Decrease use in addictive substances

3.   Stop masturbating to completion.

Gray says women should actually masturbate more often than usual.

And for men?

“There is only a finite resource for sexual energy in a day,” according to Gray.

“Masturbating immediately depletes your resource.”

For women, masturbating can actually create sexual energy.

What to do:

  • Don’t peak right away
  • Before completion, calm yourself down
  • Practice the “9-to-5” technique

Want to get the other four ways to be a beast in bed?

Listen and watch the full interview with Jordan Gray by clicking play on the audio, below…

You will learn:

► The bad habits men and women have been taught through societal conditioning

►Ways men can increase testosterone levels and women increase their sex drive

►How to bring out your inner animal

“Overstimulation of your brain leads to erectile dysfunction of men at any age.” -Jordan Gray (Tweet this!)

►How to tap into your animal instincts

►How aggression can create an exciting sex life

►How sexual energy works

“Sexual energy is a finite resource. Ejaculating squanders the most potent sexual energy.” – Jordan Gray (Tweet this!)

►The difference between showing your emotions and shielding them

►How men can grow in penis size (girth and width)

“Porn is misrepresentative of actual intimacy.” -Jordan Gray (Tweet this!)

More about Jordan Gray:

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