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James Swanwick Named On “Networking Experts To Watch In 2015”


My friend John Corcoran, a Contributor at Forbes, recently compiled a list called 25 Networking Experts To Watch In 2015.

I'm honored to be included.

Here was my excerpt:

Swanwick is a Australia-born former TV Anchor of ESPN’s SportsCenter.  What’s amazing about his personal story is he actually landed that job with SportsCenter – a job plenty of sportscasters would kill to get – with zero TV experience. None.

He got the job because he built relationships with people by being a giver, and someone in his network repaid the favor by introducing him to an executive at ESPN. One thing led to another and Swanwick found himself behind the desk of one of the most famous ongoing daily sports shows on TV.

Through his blog and his podcast, Swanwick shares advice on how you can build relationships like he has to create opportunities for yourself.

See the full list on

25 Networking Experts To Watch In 2015

Again, it's a huge honor to be listed alongside experts like Tim Ferriss, Keith Ferrazzi, Ramit Sethi, Michael Port, and more.

If you'd like to meet more people this year, here are three of my best posts to help you:

I hope my advice helps you grow your business, find great work, or just meet supporting, helpful friends and lovers in 2015.

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